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Prayer Strategy in Action - Testimonies

The following testimonies are real. These people have come forth to witness the power of prayer has had in their lives.

Prayer Results From Ohio:

What a joy it has been praying these scriptures and watching God do great things in all areas of our lives! Just since I have been praying the "Go-Ye" scriptures, my husband and I have both become involved in bringing people to Christ.

In the last four months, we've seen 29 souls saved. By praying the "Bringing Unity" scriptures, God has wonderfully changed the spirit of our home. We now enjoy a beautiful heaven-on-earth relationship where the sweet Spirit of Jesus is sensed. This couple now Pastor their own church and have 3-4 people saved each Sunday.

New Christian:

I am a new Christian. I have been praying the "Knowing Jesus" page in Prayer Strategy Resource Book almost every day and my relationship with Him, knowing Him, loving Him, and receiving Him grows every day!

More and more of His Love and wisdom floods my heart everyday. I have also been delivered from physical and emotional strongholds in my life. PRAISE THE LORD!

From Russia: Poleena:

My daughter was divorced and very unhappy. I began to pray the "Family" page and God told me that everything will change. Some time later God gave her a wonderful husband; they really love one another. Now they have a newly born daughter. I trust that they will serve the Lord together because I see that my daughter has begun to listen with interest when I tell her about God.

We also pray the "My Pastor" and the "My Church" page and we see that God blesses them more and more. The church is growing in numbers; new young people are coming to the church. Children Sunday school is growing too, we had a wonderful Bible School this spring and fall.

Free From Mental Illness

One lady reports that she had, for many years, been to doctors, counselors, and on heavy medication because of mental illness. Nothing seemed to help. She was on disability. She got this book, and because she had plenty of time, she spent long hours praying these prayers.

She reports that she is now free from her problems of the mind and is at last normal.

From Kenya:

Charles Wangan was a casual laborer with the council of Nakuru, Kenya. He started praying the way Ruth taught and he got a very big promotion to a clerk, and is now a supervisor over 200 water billing clerks in the same council. He has led ten other clerks in the department to our church, and they are now active members.

From Kenya:

Peter Njguna is a mechanic and business was not very good. People didn't take vehicles to him for repairs. He also had problem at home getting food, school fees and rent. Most of the time the church helped him, as he is an elder in the church.

He started praying using Scriptures and now other mechanics are jealous of him as vehicles are lined up waiting to be attended by him. He moved to a bigger house, and all his children go to the best schools.

Family Set Free

In March of 1996, Ruth put a Scripture book together for me and my family. At the time my son had drifted away from the Lord. He was deep into satanic mischief, and deeply depressed. My husband was a substance abuser. His dependence on drugs had increased to the point of using drugs several times a day. I was at the end of my rope, scared for my loved ones, and felt abandoned by God.

After applying the principle of praying Scriptures as if I already had the answer, my family began to change dramatically! My son rededicated his life to the Lord that same month and has been serving Jesus ever since! Two months later my husband ended a twenty year drug addiction. Now three years later, he is still drug free! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Grandma From Washington

I delved into your Prayer Strategy Books in December. They are super! I made some adjustments for age level for my 6 and 7 year old grandsons to pray for their mom and dad and themselves. They decorated the pages and they love to pray. Incidentally, about two weeks later, their dad (a Christian who had veered from the path due to some deep hurts in his life) took the family to church for the first time in over 10 years. He went again the next week. There is light in his eyes again where I had seen only darkness for years.

Turn The Hearts Of The Father To The Children

The father in one home had left some years before and was too busy to visit the children often. Sometimes he would say he was coming and then not show up. After praying that God had turned the hearts of the Fathers to the children, his heart was turned to his children. He has had a desire to visit them often, and for the first time, they were invited to his home. The boys would sometimes work with their father. What fun they all have. Now they do many things together.


Your books are a blessing. Our oldest grandson got a job he had been seeking for several months. More important, we are learning to bless our grandchildren rather than correct and/or irritate them. My wife and I are rejoicing in the Lord, and blessing one another far more than ever before. Thanks for your books that are helping God to make it happen.

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