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The Author - Ruth Shinness-Brinduse

Ruth Shinness-Brinduse Ruth Shinnes-Brinduse is an author, international speaker and founder of Prayer Strategy Ministry.

Ruth has spent years seeking effective prayer strategies. Through her books and seminars she has instructed and inspired many people on the topics of prayer. She's learned the important keys that open heaven's doors and enjoys sharing them with ohters. By using these prayer skills that she's learned, she has:

  • Been put into the abiding presence of God.
  • Activated a world-wide Ministry.
  • Had her way paid for.
  • Changed into a new creature in Christ.
  • Defeated the old ways of her life.
  • Continuously received a flow of answers from heaven as she contines to pray.

It is not about me, but about Jesus doing the work in and through me, causing me to say, "This is what I always thought the Christian life should be like and at last, it is happening to me."

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